Gaye Scott

A Bit About Me

Market Research

A Bit About Me

I have been working in the marketing field for over 25 years and have enjoyed working in a number of different streams including such things as strategic marketing planning, branding, promotions, advertising, PR and new product development.

But my one passion is market research. It’s how I became interested in marketing at the outset (apart from the promise of lots of business lunches) and was my favourite subject whilst studying marketing at university.

I like asking lots of questions, about lots of different things, to find out what customers really think about a particular brand, company, new product or service. I particularly like the interpretation of research findings. I like looking for trends; I love statistics and formulating practical recommendations from research findings.  The latter is critical, all research needs to have a purpose whether it is to improve your product or service, understand who your target market is, or how best to communicate your message.

I have an Associate Diploma of Marketing and my working career spans a diverse number of industries to include consumer products, the food service industry, media, finance, tourism, development and construction, aviation, education and the maritime industry.

Why would you use my services?

In business there’s a temptation to do the “one man survey” or rely on customer feedback forms you received months or years ago that say nice things about your business.

I listen to people’s opinions and attitudes objectively, to find out what they really think, which can be quite different to the reality.  As an independent researcher, people can be more open and frank with me knowing they have the comfort of anonymity.

I can design and carry out research to help you identify potential customers, understand your existing customers, measure the real level of customer satisfaction or to benchmark your product or service against others in the same market.