Gaye Scott

Research Projects

Focus groups:Market research
  • Research to ascertain consumer acceptance of three new types of gluten-free chips for the Tropical Food Snack company and attitudes to proposed packaging and pricing
  • Research with people who had built a new home as ascertain how they chose their builder and their experiences throughout the whole process
Telephone Surveys:
  • Design and fieldwork supervision of exit surveys of parents who had transferred children to a different school to ascertain reasons why.
Customer Satisfaction Surveys:Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Design and analysis of results from self-completion surveys mailed to members of a community organisation to  ascertain the level of satisfaction of services offered and to learn more about the profile of members.
Face to Face Interviews – Quantitative:
  • Street-intercept interviews with event attendees to assist with measuring the success of various community events, including Cairns Festival and Carnivale. This research provided clients with such things evidence of satisfaction, profile of the audience, economic benefit to the region, and ability of the event to draw visitors from other regions.
In-depth Interviews:Analysis
  • Design, drafting of tracking questionnaire and interviews of senior executives to collect attitudes and opinions of products and or services for a variety of businesses including professional services firms.
Online Surveys
  • Design and implementation of online surveys to ascertain quickly and cost effectively particular preferences to straight forward issues within a specific group of people.